Level Three

Yesterday while walking at the YMCA, my husband and I had a great conversation in which we devised Level Three of our meal time points system.  Supper was a success!

Level Three works like this: Each individual is to take at least a small portion (approx. a Tbs) of each food (unless it has gluten and you’re gluten intolerant).  You are to please take as many tastes as your number in years.  Our 9-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son are expected to take decent bites, but our 7-year-old with Asperger’s and oral struggles can “do his best”–which might mean nibbles or even just licks.

How this manifested itself at supper last night was that 7-year-old tried baked kale and yogurt!  He didn’t eat much in quantity, but the fact that he complied is HUGE!  I know that it was hard for him but that he was elated afterwards (probably mostly to be done–but I think he was proud of himself, too).

The other kids complied well, too.  🙂

The point system was intended to be shifted, but we will instate them tonight.  You get one point per meal for doing your bites, and one extra point for eating above and beyond that.  It will take fewer points to reach “prizes”.  It will be nice not having to fuss with all those other points during the middle of the meal!

Baby is ready for a nap now (AND SO AM I)–so off I scoot!

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