Sometimes life is…

a workout of it’s own!

I’m finding that I still just can’t make time each day to do a workout, but I’m realizing that it’s OK.  Some days (as a new mom to four) naturally provide enough movement!

For instance, Friday morning Baby woke up early, so I decided to roll with it.  I got myself and the two littlest boys all set for the day and we headed over to church as soon as the older two were off to school.  In tow I had the carseat, the 4-year-old, 4 bags (my purse, my organ music, a bag of coloring books, and a bag of toys and snacks), and a portable TV/VCR.  Going ALL the way up to the balcony in church with all these things REALLY got my heart pumping!

Yesterday my husband and I got an hour of brisk walking in at our YMCA, but it had been a few days since I had done an “official” workout.  That felt really good.  Still, it feels even better to recognize that it’s not essential to find time every day.  Maybe every other day or every few days will be good enough for now…and if there happens to be time on those in-between days, I’m sure I’ll take it!  In the meanwhile, I’m grateful for feeling well and for the ability to keep up with life–which sure can be busy!  🙂

Since I went up and down all those stairs at church several times today (and since it was a very early morning), I’m not sure I’ll get any official exercise today.  My goal for the afternoon is to try to catch at least a short nap!  Looking forward to it–as soon as I see the first yawn from Baby, we’re off to dream land!

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