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I haven’t been blogging much lately because Baby caught a bad cold the other week.  He’s been in my arms (upright, so he can breathe) much more than usual.  Since he’s not been sleeping all that well (despite my best efforts to adjust), I got run down and also have a cold.  Tis the season!

Actually, our chronically-ill 7-year-old came down with something last weekend.  I kept him home on Monday and Tuesday, but sent him for half the day on Wednesday (just to ease him back in) and then he was back at it for the rest of the week.  This time, his temps stayed low (just over 100 was the peak).  We kept socking down the homeopathic remedy prescribed to him earlier last month.  It’s called Baryta Carb and he’s been taking it on a regular basis, but we upped the amount.  He also takes another homeopathic remedy called Pyrogenium once a week.  My thinking is that these things are really helping.  Sure, he got sick–but to such a lesser degree.  My guess is that it was actually an allergy bout and nothing to do with strep.  His coloring still isn’t great and he has such shadows under his eyes, plus a sniffly nose and a tickle in his throat.  Sounds like allergies to me!  I picked up a Hyland’s kids’ allergy treatment at the health food store yesterday, and after taking a dose it seemed like his sniffling eased up a bit.

So, life lately has been about health–or the seeking of it, that is!

My husband was asked to consider becoming our school’s principal next year, so that decision has been the other matter preoccupying us.  It seems like he is close to deciding.

Baby is almost 3 months old now, and as adored as ever.  He is a snuggly, sweet baby whose eyelashes draw much attention and whose smile melts hearts.  He’s been experimenting with his voice, and we have fun hearing what kind of words he’ll accidentally say next.  We have fun pretending he’s just the smartest baby in the world.  🙂

Kindergarten round-up info came in the mail…it’s hard to believe that THREE of our kids will be down the street at our grade school next year.  I try to envision my little guy walking down the sidewalk to school with his siblings in the morning, but I can’t quite wrap my head around it.

Speaking of my “little” guy–he needs me, so I’ll wrap up this low-key post and get back to life.

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