In the quiet

I’m doing something that I haven’t done in quite some time…get up early!

Though I thought about doing so last night, I didn’t exactly set my alarm.  When Baby woke up upset about 5 a.m., I thought, “There’s your sign.”  So, I got him back to sleep after about half an hour and hung out in the quiet, reading by the light of a night light.

I have always loved to start my day with time to sort out my thoughts.  Even as a grade schooler, sometimes I would get up super early and head outside to walk around the block when the world was “all mine.”  I loved being able to claim that the first prints in the fresh snowfall belonged to me.  I benefitted from that time first-thing in the day to think about the days before and the day ahead, and talk to the Lord.

For instance, this morning I was able to come up with a solution to something that’s been a frequent source of frustration around here–the bathroom.  So often, waaaaay too many people are trying/needing to use our first floor bathroom when there are few minutes before we have to get out the door.  I’m included in that picture.

As I tiptoed around upstairs in the dark, it quite simply came to me.  Why not move my things to our upstairs master en suite?  Since Baby’s crib is upstairs, that’s one good reason why it could be advantageous to have more of my things upstairs, too.  The other three are all old enough that they really don’t need me overseeing them brushing their teeth and using the bathroom (although I do like to periodically spy on their teeth brushing or look inside to make sure they’re doing a good job).

So, that’s a goal for today: get myself set up in the upstairs bathroom.

Another thought was that the kids could move their toothbrushes to our basement bathroom, situated off of the family room/playroom.  That would keep our main bathroom cleaner, for sure!  😉  I’ll give that idea some more thought.

Today I look back on quite a productive day yesterday.  By evening, though, I realized that I had actually overdone a bit and didn’t have all the reserves I needed to help get Baby and our other three kids make it through a full night of baths and laundering the beds (then remaking them) while Daddy was away at his last b-ball game (at least as far as his coaching responsibilities go).  I think it was 8:30 by the time I finally was able to eat my supper, and the kids got their food here and there in between attempts to set Baby down and scramble to accomplish something for a few minutes while he got increasingly more upset.

So, obviously, Baby’s still not feeling himself.  Every time I think that cold is almost gone, it resurfaces in a new way.  Yesterday all he wanted to do was eat and spit it straight back up.

Hopefully today will be off to a better start for him, too.  I’m breaking all rules at the moment because I laid him down in his crib on his tummy.  It seemed like he needed the extra pressure on his tummy to work out some bubbles…and since I’m awake, I figure I can check on him every few minutes or just stay nearby.  That was another reason why I didn’t go back to bed, but I’m grateful for this quiet time laying the foundation for my day.  I’ve felt quite scattered these past crazy few months of adjusting to being a mom to four, my husband’s busy basketball season, and the big decision about whether or not he should become principal next year.  At least that part’s settled…the decision is made.  Even though word is spreading, I’ll wait until Sunday to make the official announcement since that’s when his letter will be read to the congregation.  If you’re itching to know, send me an email and I’ll spill the beans.  It’s ok.  🙂

God bless your day!

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