Simple but yummy

Today at lunch I came up with two simple but yummy ideas to pass on to you.

Recently we were running errands around town and reminisced about days (years ago) when we were on a short kick of getting chili bread bowls from Tim Horton’s.  It popped in my head that I could probably make a bread bowl by baking a loaf in the bread machine and then using the ends of the loaf after carving out the middle.  So, that’s exactly what we did for lunch today, and it…was…tasty.  And easy.

I’d gotten a great deal on some angus ground beef the week before and froze it.  It was two pounds and I had in mind using one pound for taco salad (last night’s supper), so we cooked up all the meat and then set the other pound aside for the chili.  I dumped the beef into a bowl with some tomato sauce, chili seasoning (Wildtree’s variety), and a little green pepper and onion, then just refrigerated it.  I let it simmer today while the bread was baking.

Then, I wanted to make a fruit salad but I didn’t have any canned fruits.  I like fruits mixed in with the juice (I rarely buy them in the corn syrup–it’s just not my favorite), so I mixed up a can of white grape raspberry juice and put a few scoops of that in with some banana and apple slices, as well as orange pieces.  I loved it!  I’ll definitely do that again.

Although this has nothing to do with food, since it’s Sunday I’ll mention that my husband’s decision was to accept his call to serve as principal of our grade school next year!  It will be a transition for all of us (for him the most, of course), but we are comforted by the knowledge that God works everything for our good.  It’s a certainty that challenges lie ahead, but they would have even if he had not decided to be principal.  For me, the biggest challenge will probably be that he has to be in the office (at school) more than he normally has been at school (he’ll do a lot of his school work at home–correcting papers, planning…).

I feel like this basketball season gave me a good taste of what life will be like.  There were a lot of days when he wasn’t home much, and I was on my own in the evening with a needy infant, three kids to get to bed on time, and supper to clean up.  There were crazy moments, and there was fun.  We “survived”.  By God’s grace, we’ll “survive” this, too.

What’s more is that he’s been greatly blessed to see the confidence people have in his ability to serve in that capacity.  The encouragement is awesome!  How could I not be supportive, too?  I know that change brings growth, and we’ll both have that opportunity.  God continues to show me His provisions.  He equips us.  I’m finding ways to do things that I relied on my husband’s help for when we only had three kids.

At any rate, there will be plenty more on that topic as things progress.  For now, enjoy the meal ideas if you decide to give them a try!

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