health progress???

Today I took our often-ill 7-year-old son for some follow-up appointments.  The level of strep present in his body had decreased!  The homeopathic remedies must be working!  Since we started on them he was sick with low-grade fevers for “only” two days, whereas he had been getting sick every six weeks for at least a week of high fevers (since September, but March-August it was every three weeks).  He recovered from that bout with no antibiotic, but I just kept socking away the remedies (baryta carb and pyrogenium).

We came home from the appt. with three new supplements and three new homeopathic remedies.  Phew!  I need to start record-keeping just for all his supplements.  He swallowed three vitamin tablets/capsules today, which was another victory.  It wasn’t easy for him, but he kept them (and supper) down.

It was almost a year ago that he was hospitalized…what a year it has been!  Hopefully one year from now he will be the picture of health.  Supposedly, the alpha-lipoic acid, NK Stim, and glutathione that we started today will really fill in the missing puzzle pieces for him…but only time will truly tell.  Meanwhile, it was quite a day (there have been a lot of those lately) and there’s nothing that I want more right now than a quick workout followed by my head on my pillow, so–good night!

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