A-little-bit-of-this-‘n-that soup

I’m not sure that the rest of my family appreciates it, but I have really been having fun this winter concocting soups.  Here was my latest creation, which became my lunches this week (and I really enjoyed)…

Being that I had an open box of organic beef broth, I dumped that into a big pot.  I never can quite scrape cleanly jars–they are the bane of my existence–so I had somehow been stalling at emptying out two pizza sauce jars in the back of the fridge.  I filled them 3/4 of the way with water and shook, then dumped all of that into the pot.  I cut open a bag of frozen vegetables (Italian style–cauliflower, lima beans, green beans, carrots, zucchini, and red peppers, I think) and put that into the pot.  Then I opened up the other package of eggplant/green bell pepper/zucchini-filled tortellini and put about 3/4 cup of that into the pot once the mixture was simmering.  I sprinkled in a little basil, salt, and pepper, and realized once the noodles had cooked that I didn’t have a whole lot of liquid left.  I dumped in a can of diced tomatoes.  Yum!

I’m sure that my soup-making skills could use some serious help, but I’m having fun, just the same–and boy am I eating my vegetables for sure this week!

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