gray day

I was in the mood for a rainy/drizzly day.  It’s been a great time, hanging out with my two littlest boys.  We had a quiet, uneventful morning while I looked up some Easter piano music and then headed out for a walk with the sit-n-stand stroller before lunch (after making a couple batches of playdough).  After about an hour of fresh (drizzly, but not cold) air we came in for lunch.  Did I mention that Baby loved the walk?  He was snug-as-a-bug underneath canopies.  We went around our neighborhood loop twice, and the first time our 4 (but not for long)-year old biked, and then the second time I made him hop in the back.

I’m trying to up my commitment to getting regular exercise and fresh air!!!!!

This afternoon we just snuggled in on the couch together–bliss!!!!!

Now the rest of my family is home, so off I go!  Have a blessed week!

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