It’s been about a year since I did a REALLY intense workout.  Today I pulled out my VHS of The Shred Level 1 (by Jillian Michaels).  Thus, the reference to “jello”, which is what my arms and legs now are.  A nice warm shower helped things relax a bit, and I really FEEL good–but I’m also sure that I’ll “feel” it tomorrow.  Nevertheless, what will really be nice is when I’ve done this enough times that I can actually accomplish more in the short workout than I could today.

Our AT&T U Verse subscription used to have free On Demand workouts from Exercise TV, and that’s how I recorded Levels 1 & 2.  I also borrowed a DVR and made a DVD with a few other workouts, like Jillian’s “Bannish Fat, Boost Metabolism” and “6 week 6 pack Abs”.  I think I’ll get Level 1 under my belt a few more times before tackling either of those longer workouts.

I really like the workouts Jillian designs, and she’s generally more clothed than some instructors, but now and then she’s a bit crass.  Even so, I’d have to label myself a fan overall and look forward to finding more time in the coming days to tackle her workouts, in addition to hopefully starting to run again.  My plan is to start small by lightly jogging around our “block” (which is actually a full mile around).  Little by little I’ll add more loops around.  I figure that once the sidewalks are cleared my kids can bike around with me to get them involved, too.

I have a 5k route that I really like, but it makes me a bit nervous that I’ll get halfway through and have an inconsolable baby, so for now looping around our block suits me better.

I see getting in shape again as an exciting challenge.  I’m not trying to “get my body back”…there’s no hope for that!  Each pregnancy changes my body in permanent ways, and I’m ok with that because each child was so worth it.  I just want to feel strong and energetic!

On that note, I’m going to jump up from the sofa and get a few things done around the house while my energy level is still up and while Baby is asleep.  We have a birthday to celebrate tomorrow, so there’s plenty to do.  What fun!

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