exercise experimentation

I sometimes find that if I write about something on the blog, I’m bound to make a complete hypocrite of myself as whatever I’ve talked about quite quickly changes.  For example, “Baby often sleeps 6-7 hours at night!”  And then that never happens again.  Or, “Playing organ is working really well for me right now!” And then Baby quits sleeping well, my brain quits functioning without proper rest, and there’s a short somewhere between it and my feet, making some songs with more involved pedaling rather…well–interesting.

The latest example is that I said I would stick to Level 1 of the Shred before moving on to the longer workouts, but yesterday I just felt really compelled to take on the “Bannish Fat, Boost Metabolism” workout.  The way I did the workout may have completely negated it’s intended benefits, but I feel pretty good today, regardless.

So here’s how I did it: first, I reduced the pace or intensity of some of the exercises, but think that overall I didn’t have to modify them too drastically.  What I DID change, however, was that rather than to plow through the whole workout, I frequently paused the DVD and caught my breath.  I’m sure the point is to keep that heart rate blasted up for a lengthy period of time, and I obviously didn’t do that…but I’m hopeful that my body still benefitted from the “bursts” it got here and there throughout the day.

There were a couple reasons for why I took this approach: first, I just find it typically unrealistic and impossible to devote a straight 50-minutes to ANYthing right now.  OK, so maybe I could try to workout when Baby is sleeping, but then there’s my (now) 5-year-old who SO loves my attention (“Look, Mom!”).  🙂  Secondly, rather than bite off more than I could chew (physically), I figured I’d take a few nibbles here and there.  I’m curious if this will get me results and if I will stick with this approach…and if so, how long it will take before I can do more circuits without having to stop?

Sometimes I’d keep the break pretty short–maybe just step in the next room and put a piece of laundry (or two or three) away and then get right back at it.  Or, maybe change a diaper.  I did not quite half of the workout this way before lunch and the rest I did in this manner before supper.  I’m not nearly as sore today as I’ve been since doing The Shred.

Even though I could quite easily fill all my “extra” minutes practicing music for the Easter services, I am determined to combat the stressors of life by finding time for exercise.  I haven’t come up with a plan for any today, but am hoping to get in a walk at some point, in some way (the YMCA?  outside after the preschool drop-off? in our basement on the Treadclimber?).  These days, variety is the spice of my life, so I’d be shocked if I ended up tackling the “Bannish Fat” workout again.

Now watch me log off and make a liar of myself (again)!  😉

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