catch your breath

Maybe I should have  kept plugging along on my service preparations today, but I chose to spend the rest of the day (after a morning rehearsal with the grade school kids at school) here at my home with my little boys.  I felt tired out, and anyway, I’m finding that my sweet 5-year-old is craving my attention extra lots today.  That wasn’t so convenient when I was trying to catch a few winks during Baby’s nap, but when I got up, looked into his big, sweet eyes, and he gave me that awesome smile of his, I knew that having a quiet day here was just what the dr. ordered.

Sometimes it feels good to cram so much into so little time (like I did yesterday), but for me I find that if I push too long that way, soon I’ll be feeling dizzy (metaphorically speaking) and really need to hit the pause button on life so as to catch my breath.  That was today.

I do still hope to get over to church for a while before the Maundy Thursday service tonight, and I also plan to get in a good practice after the rehearsal with the school kids at church tomorrow morning.  Then, I can take as much of Saturday as I need (although I hope to have plenty of time for cleaning and packing).

The truth is that I’m enjoying my preparations.  What glorious music is at my disposal!  For the past couple years, I’ve kept my service music pretty simple and didn’t often practice extravagantly much–just “enough”.  I was bound and determined to offer up a bigger sacrifice as a thank you to my Lord by putting more effort into these Easter services.  I’ve had to put that into perspective a couple times along the way–I do, after all, have four children and other considerations in life, but the truth was that after a busy basketball season and a busy month since then, I’ve been craving some “me” time, and my time over at church practicing has met that need, and then some.

I am a person of a solitary nature, and let’s face it–with four kids it’s hard to find quiet moments.  I always used to be an early bird, but that hasn’t worked out the best since Baby arrived.  I need those quiet moments to put life in perspective and talk to the Lord…so I’ll take them however I can right now.

At the same time, these moments with my kiddos and their precious smiles fill me up to overflowin’.

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