back home, and back at “it”

I am so thankful.

Everything went far more smoothly last weekend with the Easter services than I could have possibly dreamed!  Saturday was a full day of rehearsals, home for laundry, feedings, meals, packing, more rehearsals, an area WELS Egg Hunt, more rehearsals, and an early bedtime (for the kids) followed by more packing.  When Baby woke up at 4:15 a.m., I nursed him back to sleep and decided to start my day (my alarm would have gone off 15 minutes later, anyway).  I fed him, got in the shower, had breakfast, and went over to church for an hour.  I got back home, helped the kids finish getting ready (Baby was still snoozing away), finished getting myself ready (no sopping wet pony tail that day!) and we were back at church by 6:35 a.m.  I scrambled up the balcony steps and started my 20-minutes of preservice (after catching my breath).

The children did a BEAUTIFUL job with their parts of the service!

Other than a minor thing here or there, nothing went wrong musically for me, and the two little ones did well sitting with my friend and her husband in the early service.  🙂

After early service, my husband had to load up all the band instruments, so I drove the kids home and they helped me load up the van.  When he got back, we went over to the Easter breakfast (with a gluten-free breakfast in tow for our 7-year-old tow-head blondie) and had half an hour to spare to do some more packing before getting back to second service.  Once the choir finished it’s second number, my husband took the kids and left to get them changed into travel clothes and pack his things.  They picked me up at the end of the service and we swung by home to grab the last few items, do a quick spruce-up of the house, and were on our way out of town before 1:00.  Phew!

For the most part, Baby did well on the trip.  We had a sad time going through Chicago, but we made it to our hotel and gladly crawled into bed late in the evening.  After breakfast we packed up and were on our way for the less-than-three-hour drive to my brother’s house, where we met up with my other brother’s family (and got to meet the new baby!) and my parents stopped for lunch on their way back home, too.  They beat us to their house by a couple hours, and we enjoyed a really, really happy week there.  What with the time change, little Mr. 5-years-old-and-easily-excitable-especially-when-overtired had some “moments” throughout the week, but, happily, our 7-year-old had a VERY smooth week after one initial meltdown the first full day at my parents’.  We enjoyed racing cars on the cool big track in their basement, attending chapel three times, eating in the cafeteria at the college (where my parents both teach) for lunch twice with Grandpa, even-more delicious meals at supper time (thanks, Mom/Grandma!), a nice-but-short visit with my Grandma, a couple visits to craft in the media center of the library basement (gotta love those Ellison machines), and more.  We had an all-too-short but better-than-nothing visit with my husband’s parents when they met up with us at our hotel the other night (our halfway point on the trip back) mixed in with a swim in the WARMEST pool I’ve ever been in (boy did those kids have flushed faces), and enjoyed warmer stops on our trip back home.

We pulled in around 8:30 p.m. yesterday.   The kids helped us unload the van, but the majority of unpacking happened today.  I still have laundry to wash/put away, but groceries for the week are purchased (thanks, hon), kids were in bed ON TIME (not early), lunches are packed, and the #1 son’s vitamins are laid out so that they can be taken right away when he gets up (since he can’t have breakfast for 30 minutes after–and I finally am getting around to having these ready for him…sometimes I’m SO SLOW to catch on…).

I don’t know where to stop thanking the Lord for the many ways He blessed us this week!  Getting away felt SO GOOD.  The long drives really aren’t fun, but they were worth it, and then some.  Thank you, Lord, and please bless our week back at home.  May we glorify and serve you as we go about our “everyday” routines.

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