laminating at home

Here’s a simple tip I picked up from my sister to help preserve special paper items…

Take a big roll of clear tape (not the scotch tape variety, but the kind that is more like 2″ wide) and smooth carefully over the surface of your project (and beyond, if possible), until the entire surface is covered (you may want to overlap the tape a bit).  Repeat on the other side and then trim off.

Last month I made a vitamin chart for our oldest son so that between both parents (I was missing meals here and there to get over and practice organ in the evening) we were sure that all the vitamins were being taken.  One little drip here and one spill there, and the ink bled and you couldn’t read the vitamins for that day anymore.

When I printed off the April chart, I did the home laminating and now we can keep it on the table with a permanent marker (after a clear explanation to Mr. 5-year-old why not to use that marker).  It’s helped!

I do realize that this tip may not be as exciting to others as it is to me.  I’ve always had an overfascination with lamination.  It must speak to my inner need to preserve things as much as possible (rather than purge).  Whatever the reason, it’s part of who I am, so I deal with it.  😉

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