foamy soap

This idea may not be all that novel, but it’s a simple “frugal” tip that I love and wanted to share.

Foamy soap is just plain fun, huh?  Years ago I bought foamy kids’ soap in a special dispenser, and have since been given a couple other varieties/dispensers.  Now I don’t buy the special refills, because I’ve found this easy way to make foamy soap…

When your liquid hand soap gets down to the bottom and doesn’t pump out well anymore, fill the soap container with warm water so that the soap stuck at the bottom mixes into the water (I tend to shake it up a bit, but I’m not certain that this is a critical part of the process).  Pour into your foam soap dispenser, and pump!  It’s that simple, and that smart.  Some soaps don’t foam up the best, but I’ve had a lot of success with most of them.

My rosy-cheeked, teething baby was happy to sit in his carseat (wearing nothing but a diaper), playing with his toes, laughing and “talking”.  Now he has drifted off to sleep, which is my cue to crawl in, too.  I hope that your night has been as joyful and peaceful!  May your rest be rejuvenating!

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