little things

You know the great feeling you get when you are actually ready EARLY (not very, but 5 minutes)?  I had that this morning before my chiropractor appointment.  What made it even sweeter was that nobody had to be scolded for not following directions and slowing us down, Baby never had to fuss through my rushing, and it all just went smoothly.  Ahhhhhh…

We got out to the car, got everybody buckled in, and…the yard waste truck pulled up to our house, blocking our driveway.


A couple weeks ago, our congregation had Arbor Day, and we were asked to put the yard waste from it at our house (since our property touches it).  So, last week my husband brought his 8th graders over to help him carry to the curb the 30+ bags of yard waste.

And the truck never came.

So, my little boys and I sat in the van for nearly 5 minutes while the bags were tossed into the back of the truck, and there went my “early” minutes.  Now it was time to rush.

As I called “thank you” to the tired garbage collector and backed out of the driveway, I cringed at the dead grass underneath the bags (which sat there for a week).  Our yard looks lovely.  Not.

So I’m reminded that so many “little things” like this crop up in life, and it’s easy for me to dwell on them.  Yes, self, it really is a little thing.  You made it to your appointment on time (and, more importantly, safely).  Perhaps the grass will grow.  It’s starved of sunshine, and lately the sunshine’s been a-plenty.  Maybe it will fix itself in no time.  Even if it looks ugly all year, it makes no difference in so far as what MATTERS.  We still have our faith and heaven awaiting!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, they say, and–well, I’m trying.  I have to coach myself to get there sometimes, but…you do what you have to.

Now, speaking of little “things”, I have a little ONE with a lot of energy, and the other one napping.  So, I think I had better move on, occupy the energetic one, and see if I can accomplish anything during nap time.  All I know is that we are definitely getting in a walk today!  Can’t wait!

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