just thoughts

No specific title for this post comes to mind.  I just have a bunch of thoughts that I need to get “out”.

I’m having a reprieve today from the generally-hectic pace of life.  It’s been great!  I didn’t set my alarm, Baby slept “in” past 8:00, it was relatively warm first thing in the morning, and we didn’t have to rush off anywhere.  I took the boys down to play at first recess (and say hello to the rest of the family) and then we stopped back home to pack up some picnic things and books.  Baby napped in the stroller while my preschooler and I walked, talked, and stopped for a picnic at a bench under a gorgeous flowering tree in the middle of a nearby boulevard.  We read a story, ate our lunch, and had just enough time for a couple quick rounds of “What Time is it, Mrs. Fox?” and “Red Light, Green Light” before having to get my little leader-of-the-day and his snack off to preschool.

Soon Baby and I will have to pack up to head over and meet up with my husband for our next Skype session (with our oldest son’s therapist).

Some really great news is that our oldest son has been”healthy” since before Easter.  He’s been getting sick about every six weeks, but we’re well over that now!  Hopefully I won’t be knocking on any wood anytime soon!

It’s a really great feeling that nothing major is on my agenda for a while–just little things here and there.  I don’t even play organ until July, and that’s the only time I was able to get on the schedule for the whole summer.  I’m a bit disappointed about that (I enjoy playing and the extra money is really helpful), but keep reminding myself that God has a great plan and that I can use the time I would have practiced in other useful ways.  🙂

Well, Baby isn’t so sure about the toys he’s playing with beside me here on the couch, so I think I’ll put the computer down, pick him up, and should get ready for that appointment, anyway.  I hope that you are all enjoying the beautiful weather that we’re having here, today!

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