WHEN you accomplish something…

When you accomplish something, it feels good.  That is, when your expectations weren’t so high that you were continually frustrated by not achieving them, you can accomplish SOME thing–even something small, and be thankful.  Anyway, that’s been my mode this summer.  I have this running list of things in my head that I would like to attend to, and each day I go about my day and see what floats my boat when I have a few minutes and nobody’s asking me for anything.

Maybe that’s why I don’t get through too many of my goals.  I’m not planning well…

At any rate, it seems to be keeping my stress level waaaaay down, and contentedness is what I’m aiming for.  So, yesterday we finally finished cultivating the front flower bed.  With my big pregnant belly last year I didn’t plant it, so the amount of grass that had been allowed to grow was ridiculous, and it took a lot of time to work through that bed before it was to my satisfaction for planting.

On our way back from church this morning, my daughter and I picked out our flowers from the store.  With the bright yellow exterior paint on our house, I like to do big yellow marigolds in the middle with light purple petunias around the edges.  We also did a pop of pink/purple with some purple wave petunias on either end of the bed.

Normally I plant much more thickly, but I wanted to keep the costs down this year and didn’t buy nearly as many plants.  The end result?  We think it’s pretty!  Plus, there’s plenty of room that we could fill in with some vegetables to add greenery.

I keep peeking out the window to admire them.  I love playing in the dirt!

Yes, there’s still a LOT of yard work to do, and the inside of the house has been less attended to with my focus more so on the outside part of our property, but–you really CAN’T have it all in this life.  I promise.  And I’m ok with that–most of the time.

We’ll be leaving town for a week or so in a few days, so my goal is to get the vegetable garden finally going, too.  I don’t think that the seeds I planted in containers will be ready to be transplanted, but we’ll get the tomatoes/cages in and hopefully do some more seeds.  I’d love for the kids to help.  It’s going to get pretty hot today, so maybe we can do some more work this evening and then again early in the mornings for the next couple days.

In the mean time, I’ll be fighting back the temptation to feel like I have to check off everything on my massive list of to-do’s before we go and just be grateful when I find a moment to get another item done!

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