home again, and getting ready to leave again!

We had a wonderful time away last week!  I so appreciated hearing from the missionaries about their work around the world.  It helped me put life in perspective, motivated me in tangible ways for my own life, and was fun to bump into people I haven’t seen in a long time.  It was also really fun getting to spend those few days with my mom…and Baby was so sweet and cooperative during our time at the convention.

Then we enjoyed a few fun days with my husband’s parents.  What a great trip away from home!

I have found that with our oldest son’s dietary considerations it is just easiest/best/safest for us to pack food for him and put together his own meals rather than expect to be able to function with whatever may be served by our hosts or available to us in whatever location we may be.  With having four children (inevitably very hungry), I just can’t bring myself to be asking to read food labels while filling plates and already feeling pulled in four directions.  Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind a bit amidst it all, and when my blood sugar is low, it happens quickly!  I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve had a mommy meltdown a time or two in such instances, so I’ve determined that this is the best method for me and my family.

Since it is especially critical for our oldest son to have variety, we just packed a huge basket of foods that are safe for him.  He’s supposed to limit yeast, so some easy meal options are crackers with nut butters or tomato sauce and cheese.  I just don’t feel comfortable taking over my host’s kitchen to fix him some elaborate meal, so I find that it’s best to keep his food simple without sacrificing the variety he needs (so as not to become sensitive to more foods).  I packed 4 different kinds of crackers, 4 different nut butters/spreads, and 4 different applesauce flavors, plus some safe snack items.

Since many of his supplements are powdered or liquid, we have needed to mix them in with applesauce, so we always travel with a supply of applesauce cups.  That day may be nearing an end, however!  Now that he has gained so much confidence in swallowing pills, he told us the other day that he’d prefer to get his supplements in pill form, and we can certainly make that happen.  I can’t even tell you how many he’ll have to swallow every day (it’s ridiculous), but the main thing is that they’re working.  He has been healthy since before Easter and not seriously ill (meaning a  week of high fevers like he used to get) since 2012!

I was talking to him yesterday morning about food things (which is kind of a running conversation around here) and he set a goal of hoping to be comfortable eating apples (not just taking tastes) by the end of the summer.  I’m very optimistic that this will be a quicker adjustment than he anticipates, and am hoping that we’ll be able to build upon it with other fruits while so many of these delicious ones are in season.  Whatever I serve, whenever it’s gluten free I expect him (and all the kids) to taste it, and I simply ask that they do their best.  While I’d love to see them choose to just gobble it up whether or not they like it, I have not been advised to force them to eat anything, and I understand the reasons why it’s not been recommended.  I’ve seen the negative effects in my own home of demanding “my way or the highway” at meal times (huge stress exploding from a particular child…stress that ALWAYS ends up making us take steps backward or that carries over negatively in other aspects of life).  I’m happy that they comply with taking their tastes and just keep praying that this will pay off as their taste buds acclimate.

So, we made do on our trip just fine.  Most importantly, he didn’t consume anything that would have ill-effects on his body, and we sure had a lot of fun while we were away!

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