another day, another year…

I am 33 now.

My family made it a wonderful day.  The weather was beautiful.  They let me sleep in.  I laid in bed for a while after Baby woke up and just let him lie beside me, playing with his toes and babbling.  We came downstairs to a quiet house–for a few minutes.

Soon, three excited children came tiptoeing from the front door through the house with hands behind their backs, bearing cards and treats (and beaming faces).  A conspiring (and thoughtful) daddy/husband brought up the rear.

Later in the morning, I set out with Baby (who was fighting his nap) for a walk.  He caved and I enjoyed a peaceful, brisk walk in the sunshine.  We dropped off our jogging stroller at store downtown for some much-needed repairs and awaited our ride home.

After dropping off the 4 males, we girls set out for hair cuts (long overdue).  It was fun to have a moment with my girl.  My sweet, thoughtful girl.

The afternoon was low-key and quiet.  After my eldest son helped me do the dishes, he set off to spend some quiet time at school while Daddy did office work.  The others and I puttered about at home, and took a short walk to get some blueberries from a church member who likes to go picking and then sell them.

My good friend called late in the afternoon wanting the kids to come over so that we could have supper alone.  We used a gift card for Applebees and had a delicious meal.  My thoughtful friend sent us home with cupcakes (her youngest son shares my birthday).

The older three fell asleep quickly after their past few busy evenings of soccer camp.  I snuggled in on the couch with Baby in my arms watching a free movie rental with my husband.  The movie was good.  The best part was looking down at the beautiful boy in my arms, so peaceful in his sleep.

The theme of the day: people in my life are so thoughtful.  I am richly blessed.

Now my Baby calls, and the day is about to end.  This hour of the day does not typically see my open eyes, so off I go. 

Thank you, Lord, for the countless blessings you gave me today, and all these past years.  My heart is full.

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