Medical Updates

The moment I have been impatiently anticipating has passed.  We just followed-up with our eldest son’s medical specialist!

When he ordered the last blood work, he was checking Caleb’s “complement system”.  He found that the C3A is deficient, which seems to indicate that there isn’t a bacterial presence, and that his immune system just isn’t functioning well.  The fact that his C4A was normal is another piece of the puzzle which tells us that he isn’t battling a particular bacteria right now (like strep), but that the issues are stemming from his immune system.  We are to try to combat this with some mushroom extract, and we’re going to try maitake extract D.

He also checked the mitochondria, because the previous NutrEval blood work showed indications of mitochondrial issues, but everything looked ok with this blood draw.

The dr. sounded pretty frustrated with himself when I mentioned the plausible yeast issues in conjunction with all the behavioral trauma we’ve endured this summer.  He couldn’t believe that he had forgotten to address the yeast back in June and is faxing a scrip for NyStatin.  We will also need to add an enzyme to break down the “biofilm” and allow the antifungal to work, so we’ll get our hands on some Interphase Plus for that.  We can expect things to get worse before they get better when the yeast dies off and produces toxins, but hopefully soon we will see some changes.  We’re also to add some threonine which blocks the glutamate receptor in the brain and should hopefully prevent this oppositional behavior.

It’ll be tricky following a specific carb diet while he’s on the antifungal, but I KNOW how important this is and I will fully impress that upon our son.  He gets frustrated with himself, too, and will say sad and negative things about the way his brain functions.  I’m so eager to get started with these changes that I can hardly function right now.  I just had to sit down and think about it while my heart rate slows a bit.

A week or so ago we all started sniffling and feeling crummy (colds or allergies?), and the first day of Caleb’s bout of it he spent much of the day throwing up.  That seems to be how his body operates for the first day whenever he catches something.  Thankfully his temp never got high and he bounced back relatively well after the first day!  I do NOT miss those weeks of 103-105 degree fevers every couple weeks!  Despite the fact that our bank account certainly feels the affect of having to stock these massive quantities of supplements, we do it in a heartbeat when we realize that it is making a difference.  Physically, he’s doing so much better!  Hopefully we’ll soon start to see behavioral changes, too!  I’ll be praying.  Please join me!  Thank you!

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