Back-to-School (special)

Today was a special day.  School started!  I had a new kindergartener, 3rd grader, 4th grader, and principal.  🙂

The truth is that every year I feel a bit lost when the kids go off to school.  I tell myself that I should be getting all kinds of things done without the interruptions and the extra people “needing” me, but I flounder around.  I have to adjust.  Little siblings seem to go through the same thing, as baby Chad did today.

Everyone got ready for school in plenty of time, and Chad was happy strapped on my back in the Snugli for opening service.

It was different having a new pastor lead the service and a new principal address us afterward!  Chad had woken up early and was pretty zoned out much of the time, but I’m told that when the principal started talking, my baby kept looking around trying to find out where his daddy’s voice was coming from.  😉

Normally writing helps me sort out my thoughts, but I have too many emotions running through me right now to know where to go from here…so I’ll close with “God bless us–and ALL–this school year!”

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