’tis the season…already

After making it all the way through the last quarter as a 2nd grader without getting sick, my third grader has already missed two days of school and will miss another tomorrow.  He seemed to be fairing really well yesterday, but today was another story.  Tomorrow we’ll have little Mr. Kindergartener home with us, too–plus Baby, of course, and our little baby girl friend.

Speaking of her, it appears that she will only visit us a few more times.  An open spot at her big sister’s daycare has come about, so she will fill it starting in October.  I’m happy for the family.  I was glad to fill in, but didn’t envision getting relicensed for daycare and in MI you can only provide care for non-relatives on a temporary basis…so it’s for the best.  Overall, I felt like it was going pretty well!  It was exhausting, very busy, and also very rewarding emotionally.  Babies are good for that.  🙂

Yesterday Caleb was doing so well that I decided to load him up in the back of our sit-and-stand stroller and set out for a morning walk with him and Baby before kindergarten let out.  That was great–and a really good workout.  He’s getting so tall!

Today he just was feeling crummy.  He didn’t eat anything until 6:00.  He laid around most of the day and took a pretty big late-morning nap.  So, come mid-morning when the babies were getting fussy and I was feeling pretty sleepy after a night of 10-20 min. of sleep here-and-there between Baby’s restlessness (congestion, namely), I decided to put the babies in the double stroller (yes, I have every kind of stroller–ever) and just go up and down the sidewalk of our street.  I made loops for nearly 50 minutes!  My baby napped for most of it and then some.  The other baby napped for a bit more than half of it.  I got a good workout, and was within earshot of the house should my feeling-less-than-par child needed me.  My neighbors may think I’m crazy or not appreciate me wearing out their pavement, but I’m not concerned.  360 days out of the year, I’ll do what it takes to get some exercise!

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