da boys

I’ve been getting a lot of time with my boys lately.  Son 1 has been having fevers off and (mostly) on for the past week.  He stayed home from school Tues-Thurs. and again today.  Son 2 is home with me in the afternoons, of course, since he goes to a.m. kindergarten, but he came down with a fever on Wed. night and also stayed home on Thursday.  Son 3 basically lives on my hip.  🙂

Speaking of our baby, you may recall my goal to help him sleep better.  I must report that I am seeing progress.  I often now can put him down in his crib and get a fair nap out of him (maybe 45 min. to an hour or so).  Sometimes (like a while ago), he wakes up still obviously tired and I can get him to go back down.  I am so thankful for this progress!  I haven’t quit taking my long walks, so it’s not like we’re consistently getting crib naps, but it IS getting better.  He hasn’t been feeling the best either, so it’s just good to see him getting rest.

I’ve been searching for a good devotional resource for my church mom’s group.  I’ve been looking for years, really, but revisited my search more intensively in the past few weeks.  As I was browsing again this morning, I found a devotion so applicable to my life.  It was about the baby crawling into the kitchen while the mother was needing to continuously stir something on the burner, but the baby persisted (crying) about being held.

The sad truth is that I’ve had moments lately where I just wanted to run and hide from my boys (or anyone).  Having them around when they were “supposed” to be elsewhere, needing so much time and attention, can get overwhelming after a while.  Please don’t misunderstand me–I can be just loving the extra time to snuggle, chatter, and get to know my kiddos, and then–bam.  I’m just done.  I just hit a wall and need a break.  Often, circumstances don’t align so that the “break” actually happens.  No, generally I hit that wall because of all the pressure of the moment: someone’s temp read very high, someone else is famished, and baby is screaming tired.  HELP!

God always does.  He always pulls me through.  He often provides clarity post-moment… “Your children are where I want them at this very moment.  You are so blessed to call them yours.  Fill them up as I have filled you up with my boundless love!’

Yes, it can be challenging to accomplish certain tasks when [insert any particular need children often encounter].  I must remind myself at such moments about all those other moments–the other 90ish% of the time when I gladly lift my cutie pie baby off the floor and snuggle him close, feeling immense joy at being his mother and being needed by him.  His smiles are sunshine on the grayest of days, with fevers and runny noses surrounding me.  So are the funny things the others say and do with our “extra” time together.  What blessings these boys are!

Not to leave out my dear daughter, but I sure am thankful that she’s stayed healthy.  I look to find “extra” time with her in different ways, like evening walks while the boys are being tucked in, or reading together before bed time!  Hopefully we can stick to that.  🙂


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  1. I kept Son 1 home for a while yesterday morning to make sure that his temp was going to stay fine. I was trying to have him catch up on homework, and he was very distracted by wanting to play with his baby brother. I had the music from our VBS playing in the living room and I was in the kitchen making some of his flatbread so that I had something to pack him for lunch, and I looked with annoyance to see that he had deserted his homework AGAIN. I sighed–then paused. What was I hearing? I couldn’t help but smile and thank God for this extra time with my precious oldest son–such a blessing–while he serenaded his baby brother by singing along to the VBS songs with all his heart. What joy!

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