keeping it…simple

I have felt perpetually “behind” for the past couple years or so.  When I was teaching (two school years ago) I was always hustling to stay afloat, but most of the time was scraping by on the basics (dishes, laundry…) as other things piled up.  When we rearranged many things around the home at the end of that year to redo flooring and completely renovate the kitchen (plus switch bedrooms), those piles got further unorganized (and multiplied).

I did the best I could (as energy levels allowed) during pregnancy to deal with the chaos, but most of my efforts were directed towards things related to Baby.  Post-Baby’s birth, I have made a bit more progress, but mostly I’m just making the most of my time with him.  We all know how quickly babies change, and I want to soak up our time together, so many things have continued to be unattended to.  Now and then the disorganization really drives me crazy, but most of the time I believe that I’m doing what’s best (for us).

At any rate, when I can find a simple (inexpensive) solution that makes an impact, I’m all for it–no matter how uninspired (or boring) the idea might be.  So, today I made a new best friend–painter’s tape!  I started to use this stuff all over the house.  I made a birthday card display, I hung school papers, and I also hung notes for my kids (about things I keep forgetting to remind them to do when they’re here at home in our busy evenings).

It’s not the prettiest looking thing (I did roll it to put behind on the cards, but didn’t fuss with that on the school papers), but it puts things within eyesight (since my sleep-interrupted brain isn’t retaining well all that it needs to), which will hopefully make all the difference.  What’s great is that it won’t hurt the walls!

I do have an awesome family manual binder I put together last year at my church Mother’s group, but lately I never seem to have a good place to lay it out and open up.  Sigh.  I know.  That IS pathetic.  Plus, it’s just another step that gets tricky when I have a baby in my arms.  Even though he’s crawling and cruising everywhere, he still prefers to hang out on my hip an awful lot.  Since he’s been showing signs of separation anxiety and seems terrified of his crib all of a sudden, needless to say he’s not been sleeping well (and therefore wants to be held even more).  I have a plan of attack for that, but that is a topic for another post.  In the mean time, it may not be brilliant, but I just wanted to share with you my tip.  Painter’s tape!  Check it out.

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