branching out, baby-step style

I had success yesterday with another muffin recipe!

It seems like if something has cinnamon on it, he’ll eat it…to a point…although I’d like to give it a go with sweet potatoes.  My guess is that it would be a stretch, but still–I think I’ll try.  It sounds yummy to me.

Yesterday I FINALLY arranged a playdate for my daughter to have her best friend over.  Yes, she is almost 10 years old and this is pathetic that it took so long.  Anyway, they had a fun time and I made them apple cinnamon muffins (a mix I’ve had sitting around for a while…a mix she fell in love with years ago…but NO, this package wasn’t THAT old).  When my oldest son heard my second son announcing that the muffins were ready, he was disappointed to be left out (they’re obviously not gluten-free, nor are they sugar free).

I wasn’t too busy to do something about it (I’m trying)!  I found a muffin recipe in the gluten-free cookbook and decided to tweak it a bit.  When I asked him if he’d like me to make some muffins for him, he requested that I make the coffee cake ones again, but I wanted to push the boundaries a smidge.  The end result has been being gobbled up by him, and he named them “Sweet Pear Muffins”.

I won’t post the whole recipe here, but it was a couple gluten free flours with normal baking ingredients (like baking powder and salt), and then I omitted the sugar and substituted stevia.  I also used about 4 oz. of applesauce and 2-3 oz. of pear sauce, which really gave some flavor.  On top I sprinkled a stevia/cinnamon mixture.

I’m so thrilled that he liked them!  I still maintain that every time he tries something new and likes it that it will give him some confidence in the “trying things” department.  We’ll keep chugging along.

Did I mention that my baby is almost ONE?!?!?!?!?

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