Amazon Prime

Have I mentioned how glad I am that we subscribed to Amazon Prime?

It gives us free shipping, which has more than paid for our subscription when you factor in how many supplements we’ve had shipped here for our son.

When we cancelled our TV subscription, watching free TV shows and movies now and then from Amazon Prime made me not miss the TV subscription.  I don’t watch as much TV as I used to, but I don’t feel deprived and sulky, knowing that if I want to watch something, I can browse through the Amazon Prime listings.

Yesterday my big discovery was that Amazon Prime has free workouts!  I’ve tried one out so far and it felt good.  (OK, I was really shaky afterward).  Walking has been my mainstay post-baby Chad, which has been well and good, but how cool is this that I have another workout option at my disposal to change things up!

Maybe Amazon Prime can also save me when it comes to Christmas.  I haven’t purchased gifts yet, so maybe I’ll ship things directly to their recipient and save time on the jam-packed roads and in the crazy-busy stores!

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