putting up walls

We’ve all probably had times in life when we’ve been guilty of “putting up walls” and closing ourselves off emotionally from the people around us.  

That is NOT what this post is about.  We are quite literally putting up walls!

Yes, that’s right, construction began yesterday!  The three big kids went out to play in the snow, and the little guy was down for a nap, so my husband and I moved our daughter’s loft bed and shoved as much furniture under it as we could to clear out the majority of her bedroom.  

He cut up the section of carpet where the closet will go, running along our bathroom wall where the toilet is and the shower begins.  Underneath the carpet was some great hardwood flooring (which will need a bit of attention at some point, but the plan is to eventually pull up all the carpet and refinish the floor…so we’ll get to that probably in the summer when the windows can be opened up.  

Next it was time to go shopping for wood.  The tools had already been bought over the weekend.

He spent a lot of time in the garage, freezing his nose and hands, cutting the lumber (after sawing off the baseboard where the two closet walls will connect).  

The kids dutifully stayed away from the tools, knowing better than to get close and mess around.  We didn’t even have to tell them.  

Olivia slept on the top bunk with her buddy/brother Caleb.  She could have slept in her own bed, but we were in there, talking the next phase through…so it was just as well.

Hopefully today the walls will start to be constructed!  Once they’re up it’ll be time to dry wall, mud, paint, and put up the closet system!  

Barring any unforeseen obstacles (which are generally a given), this project should get done over Christmas vacation.  Whether or not we’ll be able to tackle painting her room remains to be seen.

As excited as we are to have an entryway closet, it made more sense to do her closet as a practice run since very little DEconstruction needed to happen first.  Dividing up the boys’ closet, knocking out the hallway drawers and cabinet and doing all that we want to do with that space will certainly be more involved than Olivia’s bedroom closet…but I certainly appreciate all the time that Kevin has taken to read library books and watch videos to learn how to do this.  I told him (to the point of annoyance, probably) that I didn’t need him to do this project and was supportive of hiring someone, but he really wanted to take it on, and better him than me!  

I once heard that a room is only technically classified as a bedroom if it has a closet, so it’s exciting to think that we’re going to go from a one-bedroom house (for a family of 6) to a two-bedroom house!  I can’t wait to bring her clothes up from the basement, get her room all fixed up and girly, and start to make space in our basement “clothes room” for other purposes.  The two older boys have had their clothes (from drawers) in their bedroom for a couple weeks now and they really like it, which affirmed for me that it’s time to say goodbye to the clothes room and let everyone have things in their own room.  It will take a while before that completely happens, but we’ll get there, one step at a time.

I’ll keep you posted on this project.  In the meanwhile, I think I’ll go upstairs and check out what all that thunking is about!  


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