all framed in

The closet is all framed in!  The dry wall is purchased!  I don’t think that we have all the supplies to start putting up the dry wall, but we scrambled to get what we could yesterday before stores closed. 

I can’t say enough how much credit I give Kevin for taking on this project.  He is a trouper, and then some!  

Little Chad got sleepy pretty quickly yesterday morning amidst the hammering, so we bundled up and I snapped him inside the enclosed jogging stroller for a 20-degree , 5k walk.  He fell asleep quickly and slept until the motion stopped at home, and once my heart pumped long enough I stayed toasty warm, too.  I don’t think I’ll do a repeat of that today, but maybe after a while I’ll take him to school with a stroller and do the hallways.  

We opened gifts yesterday afternoon so that the kids could have some time before church to keep busy with their acquisitions, which worked beautifully.  Sweet Caleb spent the afternoon quietly working in his bedroom on new Lego-type projects while blasting the latest Koine cd.  Olivia had fun setting up her new (to her) Barbie house (plus furniture), and JJ joined her for quite a while.

Chad is NOT happy, so I’ll say goodbye for now!

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