can’t see through it anymore

That’s right–drywall is going up!

It’s so exciting to see such tangible progress.  It helps keep me invested in the process.  I think it will be harder to be patient when we’re in the mudding phase, because it takes so long and there’s so little that you can do while you wait (that pertains specifically to the project).  BUT, it’s important, and I’m sure we’ll find plenty of other things to do to keep busy.

The doors got brought home today, too!  Since the same doors will go up when we do the entryway closet, we got a kick out of the fact that the picture on the packaging looks a lot like our living room.

To get away from the noise, I took the kids over to school and walked the hallways with Chad in the stroller while the kids played computer.  Chad only took a short nap between bells, so he’s letting me know that he’s sleepy!

While all this is really great, the downer is that after asking Caleb for the past couple days if he’s ok (only to get a quick, “I’m fine”), I finally took his temp and it was NOT good.

So much for this new protocol doing what it’s supposed to.

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