turkey soup

I’ve been brainstorming lately about how to get around recipes that call for chicken broth or stock.  I realize that you CAN use any liquid (water, vegetable broth), but how to get a comparable flavor?  It can’t be bullion cubes, either.  It has to be 100% chicken-free, and preferably a nutritious option.  No thank you, MSG.

I thought that turkey broth could produce a similar flavor, but it’s hard to find.  Sure, you can make it–but what to do in a pinch, when you have little time?

Tonight I discovered some jars of baby turkey food in a cupboard.  I took 3 of them and mixed them with several cups of water, seasoning, a bag of organic mixed veggies, and several diced potatoes.  It worked!  I didn’t feel like chasing out to the store (I’m not feeling the greatest today), and soup was just the thing (in my opinion). 

So that’s how we got around the chicken allergy at our dinner table tonight.   

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