nearing an end

“Vacation” is almost over.

We never went swimming.

We never went sledding.

We never did any events out-of-the-norm.

But it’s been really, really good.

The kids have played together.  A lot.  They have laughed, been creative, and tightened the bond they already had–which I adore.

We have taken it easy. 

I have not “accomplished” much of anything, but I slowed my pace to allow everyone else the freedom to “be” and “do”.  At times I thought I might lose my mind, but for the most part it’s just been really, really good.

GOD is good!

Yes, there are disasters all over the house.  Really, though–many of them can be righted in a snap.  I’ll do a “home blessing” next week, and it’ll feel good.  The kids always have more fun in a clean room (despite the fact that they haven’t fully caught on to that yet).

They’ve been good sports about helping out…it’s just that it’s been trickier with the contents of Olivia’s room here, there, and everywhere–plus all the extra construction components.

Speaking of construction, BOY does it smell fumigous around here!  (Yes, I see those red squiggly lines underneath…but I like it and I’m going with that word whether or not it actually exists.)  Anyway, yesterday her room got primed and partially painted!  I think that we could put up the closet system today and move things into her closet!!!!

We won’t be able to put everything else back into place today, but I’d say there’s a good chance that she’ll be back in her room tomorrow night, before school starts.

It’s all so exciting.  🙂  I keep meaning to post pictures, but something really strange is going on with our camera, and I haven’t wanted to bother Kevin about it.  So…soon, I hope.

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