3 freebies…or make it 4!

Sorry, I’m not giving anything away.  What I meant was that we are on our third day in a row of cancelled school, and since the last day before vacation was also cancelled, that makes it 4 free days more of vacation!

I don’t mind at all, but I know that we’re getting to the point now where we’ll have to start looking at make-up days, which kind of stinks.

Having school off Monday allowed my husband to finish painting.  Things dried overnight and yesterday we got the furniture in place!

Olivia is thrilled to have a workstation in her room.  We pulled a desk off the curb a good year ago and it was up in my room not getting much use.  When we have to empty her room out again this summer to refinish the hard wood floors I plan to repaint her desk and maybe give it new hardware.  It should look brand new.  Meanwhile, it functions.

We moved her dresser drawers up and they fit well underneath her loft bed, which is actually a bunk bed that someone wanted to get rid of.  We jacked it up a foot and didn’t put the bottom bed on.  This is nice because it leaves her with extra floor space, which comes in handy especially now that her closet takes up a good bit of floor space.

She beams about her room.  It’s all been worth it.  I beam when I open those closet doors.

There are still many things to clean from all the sanding dust and to find places for back in her room, but this will take patience.  Little Chad still isn’t feeling himself with the double ear infection/intestinal virus, so I find myself tending to him most of the time.

Speaking of, it sounds like he wants some attention right now, so off I go to enjoy another low-key day with my family at home.

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