Smiley face casserole (revisited)

It’s been a while since I made the smiley face casserole (which I talked about on January 18th, 2013 in “Meals this week”), but I did yesterday and thought it was one of my favorite casseroles ever!

Since my daughter just can’t acclimate to the taste/texture of beef, I decided to go with a preferred meat–turkey.  I’ve been eyeing turkey at the grocery stores and was so excited last weekend to find it on sale, so I stocked up on some ground turkey and turkey tenderloin.  I used the ground turkey for the casserole and much preferred the flavor over beef.

I also had to make my own cream soup.  The recipe calls for cream of mushroom, but I found a cream of chicken recipe in a gluten-free cookbook I had from the library.  Of course, chicken is not “safe” for Caleb, so here’s how I made my version:

Melted butter with some potato starch flour and a bit of pepper.  A bit more than 3 cups of vegetable broth (instead of chicken) and some whole milk…and that did the trick.  Since the recipe called for a condensed soup and equal parts milk, I just doubled that amount of soup and didn’t add milk.

I ran out of cheddar cheese and had to sub in some mozzarella.

JJ loved the smiley fries part and gobbed the rest of his bites in ketchup.

Olivia admitted preferring the turkey, but did NOT like the smiley fries and nibbled her way through her portion.

Caleb had a very difficult time taking his tastes.  They were miniscule.

I had seconds and will make this again–and it won’t take me a year to do so, next time!

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