turkey nuggets

I’ve been thinking for a while about trying to make turkey nuggets.  Two of my kids really like chicken nuggets, and my problem feeder used to like them.  I’m wondering if his throat would kind of close up when he would eat them which was why he would so often gag on them and then be averse for months afterward.  

At any rate, since chicken is out of the question for him, but two of my kids love it, and turkey is safe and one of those other kids really likes it, I figure that turkey needs to get served more often around here.  I’ve been thrilled to find it price-reduced a couple times lately.  

A package of turkey breast pieces that I bought last week needs to get used, pronto.  Despite the fact that I served a different turkey dish last night, I think we’re going to have turkey again tonight.  I have a box of g-free breading that someone once gave me, so I’m going to finally do this.  

I’m making turkey nuggets.

Here’s to them going over well!  

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One Response to turkey nuggets

  1. They turned out pretty well! Most of us liked them (just not the youngest and oldest boys).

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