Sleep in heavenly peace

Compared to last week, this week has felt much more peaceful–and it’s all because of the changes in SLEEP around here!

Monday afternoon I got my little Chad to nap for 2 hours!  He did the same thing Tuesday afternoon!  Wednesday I got him down shortly after noon and he was still sleeping when I started piano lessons at 3:15.  I wasn’t about to wake him up when I could teach hands-free, but he did end up sleeping longer than he probably should have (even though he has some catching up to do, plus a bad cold).  He finally started stirring at about 4:00.  What?!?!

Yesterday was only an hour and a half, but considering that for much of his life a “nap” has meant 10-20 or MAYBE 30-45 minutes (maybe), and therefore didn’t even really count (in my mind), I’ll take a 1 1/2 hour nap.  I had to hustle to get through my book club book so that someone else could read the copy before our Tues. meeting, and I was able to finish yesterday afternoon, thanks to that nap.

After taking the almost-four hour nap the other day, he was full of energy and vigor until 11:00 p.m.  Eeeeek.

With the shorter nap yesterday, he was feeling reeeeeally sleepy by the time my 6:30 piano lesson ended.  I had to get the other kids bathed and was scrambling through that and tuck-ins so that I could settle him down without feeling rushed.  

I can’t remember the last time he was tucked in the for the night before 8:00!

Of course, he did wake up many times in the night.  He was so stuffed up and I should have had the humidifier running and some vapo rub on him.  I was very tired last night for some reason and, looking back, realize that I was pretty out of it last night.  I’ll try to be more proactive tonight and get those two elements in place before he’s tucked in.

He’s still sleeping!  That means (minus the night wakings) a 12-hour night!

In my opinion, he’s a bit young to drop down to one nap, but I guess if he’s getting 11-12 hours at night and maybe 2-3 in the afternoon he’ll probably be ok.  We’ll keep plugging along.

In the meantime, it’s feeling so good to (bit-by-bit) get things running around here the way I like them.  So, it’s fun taking some of these minutes while he’s sleeping to do things like: scrub out the oven, clean fridge shelves/drawers, organize toys…

Last week was truly a low point on this issue, but by God’s grace we’re making progress!  I’d be a fool to think this will be consistent and we’ll never have another day (or more) with poor sleep, but I’m [so] thankful for all that he’s gotten this week!

Off I go to make some good use of this time…

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