not earth-shattering

I don’t have anything earth-shattering to say, but I had a fun find on Monday.  The kids were off school for a one-day “winter break” and, among other things, we used part of the day to stop by a local discount store called “Ollie’s”.  I needed to pick up some rubber bands for a piano student who had chosen them as a prize, Olivia needed to replenish her stock a bit, and Caleb had heard about a book at Ollie’s that he wanted to see.

My awesome find at Ollie’s was TURKEY STOCK!  I had been researching and dreaming about having turkey broth or turkey stock, and when I happened upon it there my jaw hit the floor.  I was tempted to clear the shelf, but I came home with four cartons, instead.

I love to make chicken noodle soup, but I always feel a twinge of guilt since it’s by no means “safe” for Caleb.  I don’t want to exclude him in our meal choices, but it’s been hard for me to let go of some favorite dishes.  Now that I can use this turkey stock to make a turkey noodle (g-free, of course) soup, I am happy.  Not that he’ll eat [much of] it, but at least he can.  Every attempt, every taste, plays a part in his journey.

He has some twin brothers in his class who were so thoughtful to get a gluten free cupcake for him since they brought cupcakes for the rest of the class as a Valentine’s treat.  I’m hopeful that he will want to taste it tonight, and I’m even more hopeful that he might actually love it–especially now that he’s added muffins and coffeecake to his repertoire.  Of course, it has nothing to do with nutrition in this case, but I have always maintained that each time he tries a new thing and finds that he likes it, he will be encouraged to try more new things–because he might like them!

I wanted to try a new donut recipe for the kids for breakfast today as a very special Valentine’s treat.  I’ve heard about a sour cream, gluten-free donut recipe, and I finally have accumulated all of the ingredients (it took a few I don’t stock, like erythritol and coconut flour).  Well, as I was about to get them started I realized that I was short two eggs.  Phooey.

Back to the drawing board!  What other sweet (but not sugary) ways can I show them how thankful I am for them, this Valentine’s Day?????????


And happy Valentine’s day to you!

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