a year ago

Perhaps I live too much of “today” “in the past”.  I like recollecting, that’s for certain.  I feel that looking back helps us see how we’ve grown and can fill us with appreciation.  I feel that I learn a lot from reflection.  

At any rate, I took some time this morning to read my blog posts from February of last year. What was life like for us?  So much of our thoughts were focused on whether or not my husband should say yes to becoming our school’s principal, which is what he ended up deciding.

I was confident that he had been led to this decision prayerfully.  I felt certain that difficulty would come with it, just as surely as any walk of life will bear it’s difficulties.  I never dreamed that this transition would go as smoothly as it has, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude at how the Lord has blessed my husband–equipped him, sustained him, and the like.

Last year I foolishly spent fleeting minutes here or there worrying about how I would give piano lessons without his help (since he would need to keep office hours after school).  Our oldest two have a great routine of staying after in his classroom–having a snack, doing homework, and then sometimes having computer time.  Occasionally Olivia will come home and be Mother’s Helper for me with Chad.  I’m in a good routine where, because I have lessons every day, it’s just a part of my day that I’m used to and don’t get ruffled about (I couldn’t always say that).  I look forward to lessons.

I may have been worried at time about the office hours he would need to keep, but the truth is that he’s just been so flexible about it and so thoughtful about the fact that he’s a dad, too.  On weekends the kids are very often welcome to join him at school, which they enjoy.  If I were to complain at all about how this year has gone, I’d really have to be nit-picking.

Thank you, Lord!

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