not Etsy worthy

My dear mom taught me how to sew as a child, but as an adult my skills lack confidence.  Over the years, my mending pile has grown ridiculously out-of-proportion.

Last week I took a nibble at it.

Olivia had recently popped through the knee in two perfectly good pairs of hand-me-down jeans.  I found a pair of hole-in-the-knees jeans that the older two boys had outgrown and I thought…salvage?  What I came up with certainly isn’t Etsy worthy, but it’s giving us more use and is kind of cute…

I looked through fabric scraps and found the legs of some comfy former sweats of mine.  After stitching up the hole in the knee of the jeans, I used a patch of the sweats and hand-stitched it over the hole on the inside of the pants so that her skin wouldn’t have to rub against the rough threads.  Then I cut a heart shape from the denim and hand-stitched it over on the front part of the hole, and then used embroidery floss to stitch around the heart again, just for a little accent.  It’s pretty cute!

The first pair took me probably a total of 4-5 hours while I got the hang of it all.  The second pair probably took me only a couple hours.  Time is precious, so maybe it wasn’t “worth” the time, but I enjoyed the project, which made it worthwhile for me.  She LOVES them and they’ve held up after their first wash.

I am not sure how long they will hold up, however, not having stitched the edge of the denim heart/patch.  I figure soon enough that will all fray and then the threads will have nothing to hold on to–thus displaying my lack of sewing knowledge.

Oh well.  You live, you learn.  I seem to think that quite often these days!  I haven’t “learned it all”, that’s for sure!

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