After being a member at our local YMCA for over four years, I finally took my first class yesterday!  I was a bit late because I had to wake Chad up (and had stalled on that too long), and my plan was to be inconspicuous in the back…

Things were going pretty well.  I was keeping up with instructions, people loaned me their extra weights, and then…we had to partner up and I was the odd “man” out.

Hello, instructor!  Nice to meetcha, pardner!

Um…that was a little intimidating.  I thought maybe she’d go easy on me, but no.


There were a couple moves that I just could not even do more than a few reps of with my hand weights.  It certainly pinpointed which areas I’m weak on.  Overall, it was really fun.  I love to exercise!

I felt pretty good as I walked out of the aerobics room and took a quick shower before picking up Chad from the child care room, but by the time I got home things took a down turn.  I really felt as if I had a bad flu.  I was shaky and weak.  I was exhausted.  I barely could pick Chad up.  I focused on refueling and laying low, and as soon as I had him tucked in for his nap and JJ settled into an activity, I crawled under the covers and slept hard for 45 minutes.  After snapping out of that deep sleep and moving around a bit, I started to feel better.  I have never had a reaction like that to a workout before, but it probably was the hardest one I’ve ever done, and I really did push myself.  

So today I am one big OUCH.  I’m off to try a hot shower on these sore muscles and am hoping that some walking will work out some kinks!

Now the question is, will I be brave enough to go back next week?  Or to try a different class? Every day, my thoughts from my “Shyness and solitude” post resonate in my mind, and are very much at play in this.  I did not get the chance to meet every single person in that class, but I did say a few words to a few people (eye contact included), and felt pretty comfortable doing so.  🙂  

One step at a time!

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