what’s wafting?

What’s wafting through my thoughts tonight?

I’m blessed.

It was a pretty good day.  This day has loomed for a while…

Today was our area Science & Fine Arts fair.  Caleb had entered an art project (Battleship Tessellation) and Olivia did forensics.  We pretty much forced them both to sign up.  No, we just plain did.

Hopefully it was a good learning experience for both of them.  They both did fine and got good feedback.  While my mother heart would have been thrilled for them to both walk away with the highest ribbons, I am still thankful that they had their individual opportunities to learn and grow. Perhaps they faced some disappointment in their results, but if they did, they handled it pretty gracefully.  Another blessing!  

Kevin had to judge this afternoon for the instrumental performances, so after dropping him off for that we had a nice and low-key afternoon at home.  Chad took a short nap, the older three helped me with a bunch of chores, and they all got a round on the computer for 10 minutes.  

Supper was easy–just leftovers from the week…but what was special about this evening was spending time with Caleb baking.  We had been meaning to make gluten free graham crackers for a while, and we finally did it.  How much he loved them made the time, mess, and minor hassle (of a somewhat fussier recipe) worth it!  Unlike regular grahams, these have some decent protein since I made them with garbanzo bean and fava flour.  I used honey and brown sugar in the dough, but to reduce the sugar content I sprinkled a combination of 1 part xylitol, 2 parts erythritol instead of sugar.  With that sprinkled on the top (plus some cinnamon), that lovely smell is wafting through the air here.

I don’t think they’ll last long, since Chad and JJ discovered that they’re pretty tasty, too.  

Before washing the pan, I scraped it clean and have some nice (g-free) graham crumbs to utilize. 

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings of this day!

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