soup for supper….or breakfast?

It’s probably all in the mind, but I really feel like soup when you’re sick is helpful.  I’ve not been feeling the best this week (it’s just a cold), and not been getting much sleep (Chad’s cold has been keeping us both up).  It was time to do something about it yesterday.

I was thrilled last week to discover buy-one-get-one turkey portions at the grocery store last week, so I stocked up on turkey tenderloin and ground turkey.  I made my beloved “smiley face casserole” earlier in the week with the ground turkey, but I hadn’t designated the tenderloins for anything yet.

I baked it before my piano lesson and let it “rest” during while a pot of water boiled.  I cooked up a box of Schar’s (gluten-free) Annellinni pasta.  After draining the noodles, I heated up a pot of turkey stock and about 12 cups of water plus celery leaves, chopped carrots, celery, and the diced turkey (plus noodles).  Since I had prepared something else for supper (honey mustard chicken and apples over rice), all that soup was just calling to be eaten, so a big bowl of it fit the bill for breakfast.

We have sooooo many leftovers!  I don’t need to cook for a while! 

And if I get better quickly in the next couple days, I’m giving all the credit to the turkey noodle soup (and God, of course).  


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