what a concept…OPEN concept!

Should you come to visit me, you would find an interesting surprise in my living room.  Come on in!  Look left!  Yes, that IS the boys’ bedroom you see through the walls!

Ok, it happened.  We started demolition for the dual closet project!  Saturday the “dry wall” (it’s more of a plaster board) came down on the living room side where the entry closet will be. Kevin used his jig saw and I followed it with the vacuum hose, catching whatever I could (which wasn’t much, based on how much dust I found floating throughout the house.  

Today we emptied out the boys’ closet and this evening we took down the paneling inside their closet, which revealed an interesting surprise: a “buried” doorway!  Yes, that’s right–there USED to be an entry closet!  Oh well.  We like the location where ours will be (NOT behind the front door like that one was).  

Then it was time to take down the plaster board on the inside of the closet where the entry closet will be.  More dust.  More vacuuming.  I had fun taking out my frustration about all the mess kicking out a few sections of plaster board.  🙂

Ah, yes…the mess.  I know that will be all worth it in the end, but there is STUFF everywhere, and on top of that is…inches of dust.  

One day the house will be clean again–or relatively so.

In the meanwhile, we find it interesting trying to find safe places for Chad to play.

Oh, the “joys”.

Now that all the kids are sleeping (three of them in one room, like the old days, since the boys’ room is still quite out of commission), I should really try to find better places for some of these displaced items, and maybe attempt to clean up the dust (again).  It’d be nice if I could uncover the table so we have a place to eat breakfast (unlike supper tonight).

It’s always like opening a can of worms with these projects in these old homes, and we’ve got a couple here that are already making our original plans…interesting.  

And God smiles above, knowing how it will all turn out…


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