layers of mess

The closet project is coming along!

Each new phase brings along with it a new layer of “mess”!  

I wish it weren’t true, but I realize that when there is mess and chaos around me, I feel overwhelmed to the point of being a bit panicky.  I want desperately to fix the mess and chaos, and if I can’t, my helplessness gets the better of me.  To counteract these feelings, I try to shut my feelings off and jump off the other end of numbness or mini-depression.  I keep praying.  I keep reminding myself that someday things will be clean[er?] again, and that in the end this will all be worth it (I hope).  

If the house weren’t a big enough mess, add in the fact that I’m a physical mess, too.  The viral bronchitis of last week is still lingering, but now we’ve added stomach flu to the mix.  Who will be next?  I’m thankful to have found someone to lead tonight’s Women Serving Christ meeting for me.  Although I did wake up feeling better this morning than I did through the night, I don’t want to push it OR pass my germies along to our dear friends in attendance.

So–here’s where we stand with the project.  New framing is going up.  We still have some old dry wall to take down (one of the messier steps of the project), but I’m working up the strength to empty out that last space so that we can access the inner wall.  That means moving towels, bedding, and 4 huge drawers filled with tools, wrapping paper, cloth diapers, and disposable diapers.  

Chad’s finishing up an early lunch and then I am hoping to rest when he does.  If I wake up feeling stronger from nap time, I’ll see about moving that stuff this afternoon.

Regardless of my layers of mess and complaints, I’m thankful, too.  God is with me–I know it, I feel it…and He’s not going to be buried underneath the layers.  Thank you, Lord!

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