The good parts

As much as I can complain about the mess and the chaos around here, there are some pretty good parts that keep me smiling quite often.  One of my favorite things is the big boys’ temporary bedroom.  I wanted them to still feel like they had a space they could go to that was just their’s, and out of the way–more or less.  Olivia graciously offered to share her room, and while it would only be a return of the favor they gave her for two weeks over Christmas vacation, I wasn’t exceptionally excited about her room getting any more full than it already is (it’s still needing some organizing and help post Christmas-time construction on HER closet).

So, I decided to try something that initially did make me a little nervous.  I set up sleeping pads on the floor of our “secret playroom”, which is a nook of one side of our attic crawlspace that I had turned into a play area years ago.  I brought a FEW of the boys’ favorite things (Kre-o’s, stuffed animals, aquatic night light) upstairs as well as the plastic drawers that I had moved some of their clothes into.  It’s worked out really great.  They’re sleeping well in there and they don’t seem to be disturbing Chad if they need to go in and out while he’s sleeping.  I love stepping from my bedroom and ducking under the slope of the roof to see my “big” boys fast asleep so near to me.

The other good part is thanks to my great friend, Kris, who is out of town with her family this week during our school’s spring break.  She left us a house key, and since we were asked to go and put the mail in each day, I’ve been letting the kids come with me and spend some time “away” from the construction mess and chaos.  This was HER idea.  Can you believe she would just hand the key over and let us invade?  Well, I’m giving her major kudos, anyway.  As a thank you for opening her home to us, I’ve been having fun doing some projects over there.  During construction projects, I tend to get so overwhelmed about the mess and my lack of ability to do anything truly productive about it–so I’ve had FUN taking my vacuum and steam cleaner over there to bless their home a bit to thank them for their hospitality.  I wonder what their neighbors think?  Another friend teased  me that the next time she goes away she’s going to make sure to leave me a key (wink, wink)!

The project truly does continue to come along.  Today the dry wall is going up.  I don’t know if any mud will get on yet today, so it’s not like the end is in sight…but now we can really start to “see” what the final product should be like.  And, I just must say that my husband continues to amaze me.  Truly!  I can’t believe (even though I’m seeing it with my own eyes) what he is capable of…and yet I can.  He is VERY capable and smart–a great teacher, who can even teach himself!  I love it (and him)!

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