Feeling stronger

It’s been a while since I’ve posted!  

It’s been almost three months since I took that first exercise class at our YMCA.  It took a while, but lately I really am feeling stronger, more energetic, and more motivated.  I look so very much forward to my workouts because after one my muscles are so charged, making everything else I do in my day feel better–plus all those great endorphins (happy exercise hormones) are flowing!

It’s a nice community feeling we have in our class.  I’m guessing that’s probably the case for most exercise classes.  I’m starting to learn more names and am recognizing most of the people in the class.  We’re always excited to welcome a new person.  It’s motivating to see ourselves be able to push through something with more strength than the last time.  I just love it!  

The class is also offered on Fridays (for a fee), so I’ve been attending that the past few weeks, too.  On my own during the week I’ve drastically upped the intensity and duration of my own workouts.  Did I already mention that I just love it?  I rarely feel like I need to nap anymore.  Most of the time I’m making smarter food choices (who wants to blow all that hard work, anyway?).  I realize that not everyone in the world has the time flexibility that I have to dedicate approximately an hour a day just to exercise, but I highly recommend trying to find as much time as possible and REALLY pushing one’s self.  It may not feel wonderful in the middle of it, but I think that very soon you’ll be feeling stronger and glad that you took the time and made the effort!  I, too, have to prioritize and make choices, and while my choices might seem strange to some (like letting the breakfast dishes wait if NOW is the right to fit in that workout), they’re working out fairly well so far.  Chad likes to imitate my moves sometimes and is pretty happy to play around me the rest of the time.  Occasionally he even provides some extra resistance when I’m doing floor work.

It’s amazing to me that this school year is wrapping up!  These last couple weeks will be busy and filled with field trips, concerts, graduation, extra services, and last piano lessons.  Then summer piano lessons will get started, and summer band lessons, and Olivia will start learning the clarinet!  It isn’t that I’m not excited for summer, but I haven’t thought too much about it because I take one day at a time, for the most part.  What am I looking forward to for tomorrow? An early morning organ practice, my exercise class, spending time with Chad afterward and then with JJ while Chad naps, doing chores, giving a piano lesson while the kids putter quietly about the house, and then family time around the dinner table with devotion, snuggles and rest to follow.  I feel blessed–VERY blessed.  In many ways it’s a relatively simple life, but very “rich” and full.  Thank you, God!  


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